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The Official Minecraft Server List is now Live!

Posted by Aron Kõrgemäe
November 16, 2023
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There are hundreds of minecraft server list websites out there — I don’t even know which one is the most reliable of them all. But would that come to an end after what just happened?
Mojang Studios has officially launched the Official Minecraft Server List, a curated selection of Bedrock and Java multiplayer servers.

What Sets Minecraft Live List Apart from Others?

Minecraft Live List Requirements

To earn a spot on the Official Minecraft Server List, servers must meet specific criteria. Firstly, they must comply with the Minecraft Usage Guidelines. Additionally, server owners are required to provide official contact information and essential details such as the server's purpose, target audience, and foundational community management practices & rules.

Ongoing Evolution

GamerSafer has collaborated with Mojang to help them meet these stringent requirements, with ongoing efforts to include more servers.
Also -> Servers are not static; they evolve over time. The Official Minecraft Server List addresses this by conducting periodic check-ins with server owners, ensuring that the information remains accurate.

Badges of Excellence

Servers that go above and beyond in fostering a safe environment and positive social behavior among players can earn badges. These badges signify additional features that contribute to a secure and enjoyable online space.

List Your Minecraft Server!

The Official Minecraft Server List is an evolving project, and your feedback is invaluable, this also means that it would undergo a lot of changes and its good to be there from the start.
Server owners looking to connect with more players can apply on the offical website
If you are a player, don't wait -> Explore the Official Minecraft Server List today and uncover a multitude of multiplayer adventures waiting just for you!

We strongly recommend server owners apply as soon as possible since this way you can reach out to broader audience.

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