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Our journey began in April 2020 with the brand AMHost.BG. Since then, we've been providing the most competitive and innovative game hosting services in Bulgaria. After years of groundwork, 2023 marked the next step in our evolution... We became Mazen. Our goal is straightforward -- to offer an even superior service and extend our reach across Europe, America and the globe, all while preserving our transparency and upholding our principles! We are Mazen - a united team of seasoned experts and natural enthusiasts. We search.. we discover.. we rediscover... Software, cybersecurity, hardware, networking, management, and logistics. We are skilled in all these areas, but we believe technical skills mean nothing without humor, humanity, morals, and strong principles. We depend on each other and are consistently open to feedback, both amongst ourselves and from you! Your voice will always be heard! If you believe there's something we could do better, don't hesitate to contact us!

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