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TOP 10 Most Popular Minecraft Plugins in 2024

Posted by Aron Kõrgemäe
October 31, 2023
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Lets explore the 10 most popular and useful Minecraft plugins for your server!

Minecraft, the good ol’ sandbox game which we all love, offers endless possibilities for creativity and adventure. Even though the vanilla version is already pretty awesome, the players still want to enhance their gameplay by installing third-party plugins from various websites such as SpigotMC, Bukkit, and BuiltByBit.

In this post we will be exploring the top 10 most popular minecraft plugins.

1. EssentialsX

EssentialsX provides a wide range of vital commands and features on top of the vanilla minecraft, including teleportation, item spawning, economy management, and more — this makes server administration a breeze.

2. WorldEdit

If you’re a builder, you’ve heard about this one. This plugin is a powerful building tool that simplifies large scale builds. With this you can copy, paste, and modify the world’s terrain and structures. It truly saves you hours of manual labor.

3. Vault

Every multiplayer server needs an economy — this is where Vault comes in play. Vault provides a foundation for other economy plugins, ensuring seamless integration and a stable in-game currency.

4. Dynmap

Have you ever wanted to view the server’s map and where the players are in your world? Well, dynmap is a web-based map plugin that allows players to explore the world in real-time. It provides an interactive map of your server complete with markers, player locations, and even chat integration!

5. McMMO

Having some RPG elements in your minecraft server is always cool. The McMMO plugin has a leveling system for various skills which makes mining, combat, and other activities more rewarding.

6. GriefPrevention

I remember the days when I was playing minecraft with my friends and it always ended up us griefing eachother’s houses… GriefPrevention helps you claim land and prevent this though, ensuring that your hard work remains intact.

7. ChestShop

If you’re running a server with an in-game economy then ChestShop is a must. This plugin allows players to create their own shops using chests — you can buy, sell, and participate in player-driven marketplace.

8. LuckPerms

LuckPerms is a flexible and advanced permissions management system. If you’re planning to have different ranks in your server (ie., VIP, Moderator, Owner, etc.) with specific permissions for all of them then this is all doable with LuckPerms.

9. Citizens (NPCs)

Citizens is categorized as a role-player or adventure plugin. The plugin allows you to create custom NPCs with unique dialogues, behaviors, and commands, adding depth to your server.

10. Multiverse-Core

If you want to offer your players multiple worlds to explore then Multiverse-Core is an excellent choice. It allows you to create and manage multiple worlds where each world has its own settings and characteristics.

These 10 plugins are most commonly used by public minecraft servers as they truly enhance your minecraft multiplayer experience. Whether you’re a server manager looking to improve gameplay for your players or a single-player seeking new challenges and tools, these plugins will definitely do that for you!

To get access to tens of thousands plugins (and more coming each day), check out SpigotMC - the most popular forum where developers share their work. Prepare to pay a little for those premium plugins though. ;)

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