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Minecraft Snapshot: 24w04a: What's New?

Posted by Aaron Kõrgemäe
January 27, 2024
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Snapshot 24w04a: Let's get into it!

Today, we're delving into the latest release: Snapshot 24w04a. This snapshot is not just a regular update; it's a window into the future developments of Minecraft, offering a glimpse of what's to come in the 1.21 update.

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TLDR: Key Features & Changes 🌟

Snapshot 24w04a introduces some amazing changes and new features, each aiming to enhance the player experience. Let's break down some of the most significant ones:

  • The adorable armadillos now have improved defensive mechanics. When threatened, they quickly curl into a ball, with their shells offering protection against weak attacks.
  • Breeze mobs (still under development) now target both players and iron golems, showing Mojang's commitment to dynamic mob interactions.
  • The Vault Block! Requiring a trial key to unlock, the Vault offers unique rewards and solves the problem of looted chests in shared structures. Each Vault can be unlocked only once per player, how unique. 👀🔑
  • FINALLY! A transfer command, which is a game-changer for server admins. This command allows for seamless player transfers between servers, simplifying server management and enhancing multiplayer experiences.

    Players benefit from a more seamless experience, as they can be transferred to another server without the interruption of disconnecting and reconnecting. Goodbye loading screens! 👋

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Server Performance & Hosting

For those hosting Minecraft servers, this snapshot brings crucial optimizations. The introduction of the forceUpgrade setting and recreateRegionFiles startup parameter significantly improves server performance. These technical enhancements could potentially reduce the resources required for hosting.

This is a step towards greatness. Cannot wait what the next updates will hold! 👀

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