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How to choose which: CraftBukkit vs. Paper vs. Spigot

Posted by Aron Kõrgemäe
January 2, 2024
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In this blog post we’ll be talking about the 3 most commonly used server jars; CraftBukkit(Outdated), PaperSpigot, and Spigot — and figure out the best one. Its important to wisely choose the software thats needed for your server and to know its history.

1. CraftBukkit

CraftBukkit laid the foundation for many Minecraft servers in the past, providing essential functionalities and plugin capabilities. It was the only choice for server setups, but it quickly started to be replaced when more alternatives were released. Even though it still gets updates, its rarely used and is not recommended due to poor performance and lack of options.


  • Basically none


  • Limited Performance
  • Less Optimization
  • Outdated

2. Spigot

Spigot builds upon CraftBukkit, offering enhanced performance and optimization. Its focus on server efficiency makes it a preferred choice for larger and more complex server setups. However, there's always room for improvement.


  • Performance Optimization
  • Advanced Features
  • Active Development Team


  • Still has some performance limitations
  • Resource Intensive

3. PaperSpigot

Enter Paper, the powerhouse that takes Spigot to new heights. PaperSpigot is a fork of Spigot that introduces further optimizations and enhancements. Let's explore why PaperSpigot might be the best option for your Minecraft server.


  • Noticeable Performance Boost
  • Enhanced Tick Handling
  • Efficient Mob Handling
  • Timely Updates


  • With more features comes a slightly higher learning curve for beginners.

PaperSpigot is open source and offers decent amounf of performance and optimizations. With PaperSpigot’s community commitment to refining and enhancing the multiplayer experience, they stand as a testament to the minecraft community’s dedicated to creating the best possible environment. 🔥

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