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How to Set Up Voice Chat in Minecraft?

Posted by Aaron Kõrgemäe
March 30, 2024
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Discover how voice chat can transform your Minecraft server, making adventures more thrilling and collaborative projects more engaging. Definitely a plugin I'd like to have on a server with friends, or a community!

Installation and Configuration

  1. Visit the Simple Voice Chat spigot page and download the version compatible with your server.
  2. Locate your /plugins folder and add the downloaded file there.
  3. Open your server configuration and set up the necessary port (default is 24454) for voice chat functionality. Or if you want to use another port, adjust it in the plugin's config.
  4. To activate the plugin, restart your Minecraft server.

Don't forget to install it locally on your PC, as the plugin connects with a special mod that must be installed on the Minecraft client. You can download it from the official page.

Dive into the plugin's config file where you can:

  1. Voice Distance: Determine how far players can hear each other.
  2. Sound Quality: Adjust for clarity or performance.
  3. Activation Mode: Opt between voice activation or push-to-talk for different gameplay styles.

Using Voice Chat in Game

Explore the player-side of the plugin. Learn how to:

  1. Navigate to the voice chat settings in the game menu.
  2. Set up convenient keybinds for push-to-talk.
  3. Fine-tune your microphone for optimal communication.

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