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We made this Christmas ModPack for you to play on!

Posted by Valentin V.
December 22, 2023
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We've created a custom Minecraft Christmas modpack that you can play right now for free.

All mods are for Forge 1.19.2.

Here are the modpacks in the modpack:

- Realistic Torches (Click here)
- SnowBalling (Click here)
- Eternal Winter (Click here)
- Frosted Friends(Click here)
- Cold Snap Horde (Click here)
- Cozy (Click here)
- Festive Delight (Click here)
- Fat Chicken (Click here)
- Snow Pig (Click here)

- Christmas Additions (Click here)
- Maiden's Merrymaking (Click here)
- Create Confectionery (Click here)
- Create: Interiors (Click Here)
- Skiing (Click Here)

Along with it, we have prepared a special template for our clients. If you have hosting from us, you have the opportunity with 2-3 clicks to install this template from the templates option in our control panel!

The template contains a directly configured server with the mods themselves, as well as a custom spawn with secret loots on it, so you can start a more interesting survival!

The template is installed from the Minecraft Options -> Templates menu and then you click the Install button.

To download the modpack there are 2 options:

  • Download the configuration for CurseForge from here. (Directly click import on the CurseForge platform application and then click Play and everything is ready!) - requires a paid version of the game
  • Download from here the mods folder, manually install Forge from here (link for the forge installer) and add the mods to %appdata%.

If you are our client, we will help you install the mods on your computer!

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