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Tricky Trials is the name of the 1.21 Minecraft update!

Posted by Valentin V.
April 27, 2024
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The 1.21 update name was officially announced by Mojang, it will be called Tricky Trails.

In the Minecraft Monthly event video on Youtube Mojang revealed the name of the 1.21 update as well as some new contend that we can expect soon.

Most of the features that were announced you can actually play even right now! In the latest snapshot players are now able to give their wolves armor, by getting armadillo scutes and crafting the armor item.

You can also dye the armor and have tons of combinations.

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To recap we can expect those things in the upcoming updates:

  • Tuff blocks
  • The Crafter
  • Copper Bulbs
  • The Breeze
  • Trail Chambers
  • Trial Spawners
  • Vaults
  • The Wind Charge
  • The Bogged
  • Armor Trims
  • Banner Patterns
  • Pottery Sherds
  • Music Disc
  • Decorative Copper

And even more!

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