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MazeGuard: Our Terabit scale, Adaptive Anti-DDoS Protection!

Posted by Aron Kõrgemäe
January 5, 2024
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I just know that you want to hear more about our amazing DDoS Protection - MazeGuard. Let's dive in! 🏊‍♂️

What is DDoS Attack?

DDoS attacks are very common in the game community space - it's not a matter of IF, but WHEN you will receive one targeting your server. Its goal is to overload your server's network by sending a tremendous amount of fake requests per second (that mimic real ones) so its inaccessible.
It's very likely that attackers will launch an attack during a peak of online players on your server, so your loses would be higher. We know... It's very frustrating.

Through the years of providing game hosting, we've witnessed more than a hundred thousand attacks being launched toward our infrastructure. And, as you might have guessed, we didn't become experts right away - we struggled.

But we adapted and learned from our mistakes, and here we are.

Minecraft & Game DDoS Solution? 🧐

We utilize a variety of providers and solutions for our security. Our arsenal includes

  • StormWall scrubbing centers ( 3.5+ Tbit/s Capacity )
  • AI firewall appliance from Sofia Data Center (Neterra)
  • Arbor/VAC protection (OVH). ( 17+ Tbit/s Capacity )
  • Our own Firewall appliance for additional adjustments ( < 20G )

It's important to note that the level of protection may differ depending on the geographical location of our services.
A server hosted by us in France may use different combination of providers than one hosted in Bulgaria.

These diverse combinations are why we've named our network protection 'MazeGuard.'

Previously, we've used protections like Voxility and CosmicGuard , but they were replaced due to communication issues with the provider or some instances of false positives detection.

How does DDoS protection work? 🔍

DDoS attacks evolve and improve. Our protection automatically filters tens of thousands of attacks per year by detecting preset unusual patterns and blocking the malicious traffic.

Every DDoS protection will eventually be bypassed by some new attack vectors.

To provide good DDoS protection, we must react quickly to threats. Our experts are responsible for creating processes that enable immediate response to detected threats.

  • We follow strict process and communicate as fast as possible with our providers & partners about the threat
  • And then we apply algorithms to sniff out unusual traffic patterns that eliminate the DDoS attack.
  • The threat is eliminated.

Still having doubts or have extra questions - We don't hesitate to answer anything! Contact us to learn more about MazeGuard and let MazenHost take your hosting experience to the next level 🚀.

Use code Mazen20 for 20% OFF your first month!

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