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How to mitigate a 600Gbps DDoS Attack towards a Minecraft Server?

Posted by Valentin V.
May 15, 2024
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Spotlight: How our Partnership with empowered our services.

We're very excited to share that we conducted a case study with our partner and data center solutions provider,

Strong Partnership for Bulgaria location

Neterra has been a reliable support for our operations in Bulgaria, where we have most of our servers. This location sees a high demand for our services, requiring us to implement comprehensive solutions to ensure quality.

Defending 600Gbps Attack

Recently, we faced a massive 600Gbps ( peak traffic ) DDoS attack and several complex multi-vector attacks. Thanks to our partnership with Neterra and the solutions they provide, combined with the reliable services of StormWall, we successfully mitigated these threats without any disruptions.

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Check out the FULL CASE-Study blog post on their website:

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